Free Video Library

Welcome to the collections of videos I've made over my years of recovery.  I hope you'll find them beneficial and will share them with others to also watch and learn.

I saw your smiling face on YouTube and I clicked on one of your videos. I could not wait to tell somebody what I had came across!  I can't believe I actually found somebody that was explaining what I have been feeling, but unable to put to words. I am so excited and have asked my grown children, "Please watch some of these videos so you can understand what I am going through."  Today has been the best day I've had in 8 years. You have given me hope. God bless you!  You are now my voice!


You really do have the best informational channel on TBI I have seen yet.... great energy!  Your will-to-good shines through!  Your NLP expertise is so calming and commanding.  Bravo!