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Meet Nathalie

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself as I am today, years after sustaining a Traumatic Brain Injury.

After my injury I was lost, confused, overwhelmed, and alone.  The lack of understanding and support for brain injuries only added insult to injury and hopelessness to my pain.  Today, though, we have much more information and many more helpful resources available to us. It is with honor I am now considered one of those resources of information.

I am fortunate that my passion for life before my injury kicked in to fuel a new passion for learning about my injury, my healing opportunities of every kind, and then sharing all that I found.  


My experience as a survivor brought me renewed purpose as it became my mission to help people living with brain injuries and those who care about them.  Together I know we can cut through the confusion, remove feelings of despair, find clarity day to day, grow strength in community, and discover a new sense of calm about our lives as they are now.  Our brains will function better and we can regain hope and live a happier life.  

My mission is to raise awareness of this often invisible and always devastating disability.  I want to bring more understanding and support to the 2.8 million individuals and their families who are experiencing this heart wrenching tragedy every year.

Creating awareness requires many voices, so I see my role as a connector and collaborator, not just an educator.  My life as a survivor has allowed me to broadcast not only my ideas and experience, but also those of every cutting-edge researcher and healer that I have come to trust along this journey.

I am grateful to feel as good as I do at this point in my life, yet I definitely acknowledge the struggle that still plagues me each and everyday. 
I continue to navigate the sometimes, often times, invisible challenges and share them with you as tools for  learning and connection as you may be navigating your own journey of recovery. 

I am a survivor, educator, coach, and speaker.

I am happy to offer the resources you’ll find here on my site.  If you would like to connect with me personally, whether as your coach toward healing, a teacher for your group, keynote speaker for an audience you’ve assembled, or as a guest on your radio show, tv spot, or podcast.  I am honored by the ability and opportunity to keep being the passionate voice for all of us recovering from a brain injury.

Love, Nathalie



Nathalie Kelly

Board Certified Hypnotherapist (since 1996)

Certified Life Transformation Coach (since 2010)

Stress Management & Meditation Teacher (since 1996)

Healthcare Advocate (since 1988)

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