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Testimonials & Praise

I need to tell you what a breath of fresh air you are.

I have been to so many Doctors and I feel like they don’t hear me but you do .

You are AMAZING.  I want to be like you when I grow up with this TBI .

With my deepest regard and appreciation to you.  You have given me hope .


Susan, RN, Rhode Island

Nathalie is helping thousands of suffers feel hope. 

John, NY

I have learnt more about TBI by watching your videos than any of my readings.

Richard, Vocational Counselor

Nathalie, Thank you so much for these videos. They have been a tremendous resource to me as I work to recover from my own TBI. As a physician, I thought I knew something about the human brain - until I injured my own! I have been humbled to learn how little information and help is out there. Best of luck and keep the videos coming.

Ramsey Tate, MD

I am so grateful for you. You have helped me more than any other resources because it comes from reality and love.

Stella, South Africa

I sustained my TBI back in April, and have found your videos both incredibly moving and inspiring, I would just like to thank you so much and give thanks for the work you do , which is incredible and amazing.  

Iain, North Wales

I would highly recommend Nathalie Kelly!!  She has helped me tremendously to understand what has happened to my brain and body.  Above all, she is teaching me to care for myself.  Her expertise is like no other therapist that I've found because she's actually "been there; done that".  To me, having someone truly understand, who's walked in your shoes has been the best resource with my TBI.

Alison, stowe, vt

I am so grateful I went to her. She has truly made  a positive difference in my journey to recovery and I keep learning from her.  Nathalie opened doors of knowledge, what she said made sense for the first time, and restoring hope that there was a way to heal. She is the first person to understand what I am undergoing and what she said made sense in every way compared to the people I had seen.

ALICIA, Burlington, VT

Iain, North Wales

Nathalie Kelly has done truly amazing research to help us all. She is truly a healer and I am so very grateful for her efforts in helping us all. My hope is that wherever she goes her message will be heard to make a difference in our lives. 

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