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formerly known as the

Bringing Calm and Clarity

to the Chaos and Confusion

of Brain Injury



Private Consultations

Working together one-on-one is often the most efficient and effective way to benefit from what I've learned.  Share your story and I can guide you in your recovery.

Public Speaking

Reaching a large audience to share what I've learned is a gift I love to give.  Speaking with your clients, students, colleagues, non-profit or business team would be a pleasure.  

Free Video Library

I've documented my journey for the purpose of shared learning and community.  My videos are meant to encourage and educate for anyone affected by or researching brain injury.

"I feel like I just walked off a desert and you are my water."

-Susan, RN, Rhode Island


Recovering from

Brain Injury

- My Story - 

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Nathalie Kelly has done truly amazing research to help us all. She is truly a healer and I am so very grateful for her efforts in helping us all. My hope is that wherever she goes her message will be heard to make a difference in our lives. 

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